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She Sees Him Everywhere.

Title: She Sees Him Everywhere.
Fandom: Rab ne Bana di Jodi
Characters: Suri, Taani
Ratings: G
Summary: How can she forget him if she sees him everywhere?
Notes: I don't speak Hindi - so please forgive me as I might get some of the nuances of the language wrong, especially since I was watching the movie with subtitles. Sous-titre. Always wanted to use that word whenever I say subtitles. But please read and review! It is muchos appreciated.

Taani was furious with Suri. Utterly, utterly furious. How dare he - how dare he try and win her heart that way?Collapse )

I don't believe in censorship

But I am a little tired of having to be cautious and wary on my own blog. It is not my intention to offend anyone and therefore, when someone replies in kind, which is to offend, I am a little tired of having to manage that.

I am old enough to know what is right and what is wrong, and what I can accept and I agree on. Life is too short to spend defending one's actions all the time. Remember, that behind every PC, there is a human being with the same emotions as you do. If you disagree with my comments, feel free to disagree politely.

I knew that I was going to court controversy with my comments on the Malay language and the usage of you and I. I have researched about it, paid plenty of attention to it and I am still sticking by my comments. I've explained my stance and I've explained that I'm tired of people who hide and cower behind the veil of anonymity.

Therefore, I am closing this blogs to anonymous comments. If you would like to discuss it, feel free to do so in a measure and controlled manner. I am not a child, and am not interested in petty arguments. Adult discussions are welcomed, but I will not bow down to people pressuring to change my beliefs and my point of view.

God is in the details

            I love John Simm. I love Life on Mars. But I imagine, if I ever were John Simm/Sam Tyler’s subordinate, I’d go insane from half admiration and half irritation with his cryptic ways and his incessant repetition of his beliefs. Like that one episode where Sam Tyler kept repeating to himself “God is in the details”. I’d want to smack him as his subordinate.

            But in watching “P Ramlee the musical”, that was all I could repeat to myself. “God is in the details”. P Ramlee the musical is produced by the same people who made Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical. As some of you know, I wasn’t too crazy about PGL although, I do think it’s mostly due to Tiara Jacquelina. But that’s another story for another day. This is about P Ramlee the musical.

             I had a fair bit of trepidation before watching P Ramlee. I adore P Ramlee, absolutely love him. I have seen a chunk of his movies and sung most of his songs. He was essentially larger than life, and I was not sure if anyone could pull him off. But I was excited as well because Siti Nurhaliza was performing. And Siti can do no wrong in my eyes. I’d go gay for her.


             No amount of Siti could have made up for the farce that was P Ramlee the musical. It was a long musical, about 3.5 hours long and to sum up my experience, it was one of the most tedious experiences I’ve had in theatre. I kept wishing it would just end and put me out of my misery. Felt a bit like JD in Scrubs, where he imagined himself in a noose as a chick kept rambling on about herself in the bar. Except this was me in Istana Budaya with a noose as Sean Ghazi played Sean Ghazi (not P. Ramlee…that man wasn’t there that night) and the actors wore mismatched clothes from various eras. It wasn’t as bad as Chess the musical, but granted, that was done by a bunch of inexperienced high schoolers who mumbled through the lyrics and stumbled through the dance steps.

             My favourite part of the musical had to be this: the set. The set was bloody fantastic, and certainly comparable to some of the West End musicals I had seen. Incredibly creative and ostentatious, in a good way! I utterly loved it.

            I think the saddest point was this. If the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee was still around, he’d probably made this musical a smashing one. It says a lot about our entertainment industry that in 2007, we can’t even compare to a man whose golden era was in the 1950s.

             Since I have so many problems with the musical, I thought I’d break it up into points if you’re still interested, or you could stop knowing that it was a terrible experience (if you’re still reading that is. I know how I tend to ramble on my blog). I’m writing this for a dual purpose, it’s to help me critique my own writing for later. So the rest of the critique is on my LiveJournal which I really ought to revive. God is in the detail and the other, for those who might stumble on this blog for a very honest (and well, let’s be frank here, very critical) view on this Malaysian production.

 Although I highly doubt anyone would read this, I will end my review with, so, that was kinda bad. But what did you guys think?



Really Something To Bitch About

Oh dear, it's been ages since I wrote here. I reckon this LiveJournal is going to be a place where I keep my favourite articles so I don't clutter up my Xanga. Nyeh. Anyhoo. Onward with the cut.

Wild Hogs vs Shaun of the Dead

Been ages since I've written here, but to be honest, I have not had the time to even explore writing much less watch some good TV. I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch the final three episodes of Doctor Who.

Anyway, I really feel that I ought to write something, and something it is.

I've been trying to write, and lately, aside from getting distracted, often times I actually end up questioning on what I want to write.

Jan mentioned to me about Hot Fuzz, made by the same creators of Shaun of the Dead. Even the premise seems incredibly intelligent and each time I read something like that, my mouth sort of goes dry and I feel, I am so incredibly behind and out of this craft.

What really stops me from writing, I think is really not the discipline. It's the fear. It's the fear that I want to write like something equivalent to Shaun of the Dead and I come up with something like Wild Hogs.




Fantastic article on the craft of speechwriting. Peppered with really lovely quotes from Churchill's speech and the rousing inspiration it gave the people in 1940.

I've never actually wrote a speech nor given one myself save for competitions etc. In my previous jobs, certain people were asked to write speeches, never me (a little sore but for the most part grateful that I did not have to write government speeches...bleaarghhh) but I would have loved to been asked to write a fantastic speech one day.

Hopefully, if or when the time comes I'll still have this article to remind me of the art of speech writing.


Two Minutes

I WATCHED the ENTIRE Heroes only for a lousy TWO MINUTES of Christopher Eccleston.

God, I'm such a Fangirl

Yo Soy Betty La Fea

Despite my biases against American TV shows, I totally heart and adore Ugly Betty. Although I really wonder how much of the original Columbian storyline is retained.

I find it ironic that I'm raving over Ugly Betty when two years ago, my grandmother was raving about Yo Soy Betty La Fea. Yes, the original Columbian version. I saw bits and bobs of the ad, scoffed and said it was meant for the Malay masses, not for someone as educated or worldly-wise as me.

Life has a way of biting your ass. I could tell her I'm watching Ugly Betty now and she'd say "Oh, Tok Mi dah tengok dah!" (Gran has already seen it). I could say it's the more sophisticated and chic version but that's just like saying that roe served in a Mamak restaurant is not caviar. Well, technically it isn't caviar but they are both fish eggs after all. Fundamentally fish eggs.


"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again"
- Rebecca

Embarassingly, I've not read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I know the first line of her novel is one of the most quoted in literature and yet, I've not yet gone beyond the first chapter. Shameful really.

To make matters worse, the Rebecca I have in possession, is a rare hardcover book lovingly lent to me by Faz of whom I did not return it to. I tried to, right before he left for the States. As instructed by Faz, I was to leave the book on his desk and he'd pick it up before he left. Which he didn't.

The book was left lying on his desk for a week before I took it back in my possession. I promised myself that I'd read it and yet, here I am still thinking about reading it.


TV Weekend

"I moisturise"
- The Doctor

This weekend was my TV weekend. I have a million DVDs to go through. My fault for that really. Each time I come across a DVD that bloggers have mentioned about, I'd buy it even though I have not time to actually watch anything. Hence the massive growing pile of DVDs.

This weekend, I told my mum I was going to sit in front of the TV and catch up on some TV and movies. Well, mostly TV series since I find movies seriously lacking compared to the stuff that comes out on TV anyway. I was a bit ambitious, I wanted to catch up on Ugly Betty, Doctor Who, Deathnote, and Battlestar Galactica. Three movies as well, Little Miss Sunshine and V for Venedetta.